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Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Crow Pose or Bakasana

The Benefits of Crow Pose for Kids

Crow yoga pose strengthens the arms, wrists and upper back while building and toning the core. This is the perfect pose to practice as they build up to other arm balances like the Handstand pose.

Start with the Squat Pose (also called malasana) which opens up the hips and prepares the body to move into crow pose. Practicing crow pose also improves balance and deepens concentration and focus, while also opening the hips, groin and abdominal muscles.

Step by Step of How to do the Crow Pose

  • Start in Mountain Pose

  • Step your feet apart, and place your hands on your mat in front of you

  • Bend your knees and slowly go into a deep squat, with arms between the legs and bottom towards the ground

  • Make sure your feet are apart, keeping knees and thighs wide

  • Bend your elbows, and lean forward to touch your shins to your upper arms

  • Shift weight forward into the hands, lifting your feet off the ground

  • Lengthen chest forward and gaze slightly beyond the fingertips

  • Stay for 3-5 breaths, then slowly lower feet gently to your mat in a squatting position

Tips for Helping Kids with Crow Pose

  • Put some pillows or padding on the floor in front of the child to help them feel more comfortable and make it more playful for them with feeling more confident to try out the pose for the first time.

  • Practice having them shift their weight by rocking forward and back to build up wrist and core strength.

  • Have them try lifting one foot at a time or place their feet on a yoga block to experience the feeling of the pose with some support.

  • To feel the lift in this pose, have the child hug everything up and in. Especially focus on drawing in the elbows and inner thighs and make sure that the elbows are directly over the wrists.

By: Karma Smart

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