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Become a Kids Yoga Teacher!

Module 2
Module 3
Module 4

Module #1 - Fundamentals of Teaching Kids & Family Yoga - 35 hours

4 week training - 35 hrs. | Includes 16 hours Live Training, 16 hours Online Self-Paced course with assignments & 3 hours via zoom.

​In this training you will explore: 

  • Incorporating mindfulness into movement and activities

  • Telling yoga stories that children LOVE

  • Meditative fun art projects

  • Integrating songs and chants

  • Yoga and mindfulness games

  • Meditation and relaxation

  • Creating a container for conscious community

  • Empowering and collaborating with children

  • Holding space for a powerful uplifting fun experience

  • Connecting children with their peers though partner and group poses and activities

  • Helping children unite with their parents through family yoga

  • Child development, knowing appropriate actions for each age

  • Incorporating nature, learning lessons, themes and more

  • How to design and implement flexible class plans


Who can benefit from Children's Yoga Teacher Trainings?

  • Yoga teachers who are interested in teaching babies, kids, families and/or teens

  • Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles who would like to connect with the children in their life

  • Educators: Public or Private School or Home School Teachers

  • PE teachers, Health Teachers & Coaches

  • Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilio or any other Pre-school teachers

  • Summer camp counselors, Church Youth Leaders & After School Teachers

  • Occupational & Speech Therapists, Play Therapists, Pediatric Nurses or Pediatricians

  • School Counselors & Child Psychologists

  • Nannies, Babysitters, & other Childcare professionals

  • Anyone who is interested in making a difference in kids’ lives

  • Anyone who loves kids and loves yoga!​​​

Teacher Trainings










































Advanced Online Modules

Module #2. Welcome to the World: Babies to Preschool + Family 

20 hrs. which includes 17 hrs. of Self-Paced course including online videos, written content & assignments & 3 hours live zoom Monday, February 19, 6-9pm CST

​In this training you will explore: 

  • Learning to teach children ages 0-6 incorporating yogic elements such as: tuning in, asana, pranayama, meditation, and relaxation

  • Gaining experience and knowledge of a multitude of yoga tools for kids such as: themed journeys, yoga stories, games, songs and chants, creative movements, partner and group activities

  • Recognizing the cognitive, physical, emotional and energetic developmental stages for children (0-6 yrs)

  • Learning how to teach: Postnatal/Parent & Baby, crawlers, toddlers, preschool yoga classes, & Family Yoga classes

  • Learning yoga philosophy, best language practices, lifestyle, great business tips and ethics as it relates to teaching children in various settings.​
  • Becoming an effective classroom leader, yoga teacher and Shakti Kids Yoga community member​
  • Learn how to structure and create lesson plans for a public class, party, private session, small group session, and/or camp
  • Learn the beginnings of the business of yoga: how to get started, how to sell yoga to schools and studios, how to market & advertise, acquiring kids yoga clients and creating sustaining relationships
  • Incorporate yoga poses, guided relaxations, meditations, and kriyas (groups of exercises) from various traditions such as Yoga Nidra, Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Restorative, and organic movement into your practice and learn how to translate into practices for kids​
  • Incorporate effective listening, communication, meditation, movement, mindfulness and yoga techniques into your own personal practice to heighten energetic and subtle body and breath awareness. Grow your energy, grow your students energies!
  • The chance to team teach a yoga class to the community: Parent and Baby (3 months-2 yrs) or Family Yoga Preschool (3-6 yrs)


Module #3 - Mindfulness and Yoga in Schools: Ages 6-17 + Special Needs  

20 hrs. which includes 17 hrs. of Self-Paced course including online videos, written content & assignments & 3 hours live zoom Monday, March 18th, 6-9pm CST

​In this training you will explore: 

  • A special focus on elementary aged kids, pre-teens and teens, looking at development, social and emotional issues that arise and how to plan a series of classes for them.

  • Gaining knowledge of a multitude of tools to teach yoga, mindfulness, incorporating games, meditation, journaling, and special projects into curriculum

  • Teaching in school and studio environments, alternative schools, community centers & off-campus PE programs

  • Learning effective strategies to market and develop a kids yoga business and work for yourself effectively!

  • Learning effective classroom management techniques to help control the dynamics and flow of your class and create happy kids yoga experiences

  • Solving and preventing the most common class management challenges that pop up  

  • Building your awareness of your own style as a teacher through journaling and practice

  • Helping elementary, middle and high-schoolers with: transitions, releasing stress, meditations, & creating a lifelong yoga practice

  • General information on common special needs, such as Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, musculoskeletal disorder, etc. and information on resources to learn about any condition/challenge.

  • In depth trauma-informed outlook on yoga asanas, breath work, sound work, yoga nidra, meditation. A more focused exploration of the types of practices and how to choose well for your students.

  • The opportunity to team teach a yoga class to the community: Kids Yoga (6-12 yrs) or Teen Yoga (13-17 yrs.) (parents and siblings welcome)



Module #4 - Creative Extensions: Storytelling, Music, Art, Acro, Aerial & More 

20 hrs. which includes 17 hrs. of Self-Paced course including online videos, written content & assignments & 3 hours live zoom Monday, April 22 6-9pm CST


​In this training you will explore: 

  • Blending complementary activities into yoga class: games, improv, art, music, & dance.

  • Creating sequences that include yoga plus another element.

  • The art of the flexible class planning, plus planning for special events

  • The language of yoga, how to simplify with precision

  • Family Yoga & Partner Yoga: teaching to various age groups in one setting plus healthy communication practices

  • Storytelling: how to create a flow to your class using storytelling, weaving themes, lessons and yoga poses throughout

  • Intuitive painting: process vs. product

  • Co-creating the class with children, following their interests or favorite poses

  • Exploring and incorporating movement with music and chanting

  • Introducing Acro Yoga and Aerial Yoga elements and best safety practices

  • How to create your very own children’s yoga business with templates and tools for marketing and advertising ie. website design, social media, etc…, 

  • The opportunity to team teach a yoga class to the community: Storytime Yoga or Acro Family Flow


Bundle & SAVE!

95 hr Children’s Yoga Teacher Package
Yoga Alliance Approved | Hybrid Program (Live Trainings, Zoom Trainings + Online Self-Study)

This course is designed to help you become a confident and creative children's yoga teacher!

​What's Included:

  • 4 week Teacher Training Module #1(35 hrs.) - Fundamentals of Teaching Kids & Family Yoga ($597 value)

  • 2 week Teacher Training Module #2 (20 hrs.) - Welcome to the World: Babies to Preschool + Family ($397 value)

  • 2 week Teacher Training Module #3 (20 hrs.) - Mindfulness & Yoga in Schools: Ages 6-17 + Special Needs: ($397 value)

    2 week Teacher Training Module #4 - Creative Extensions: Storytelling, Music, Acro Yoga, & Art ($397 value)

  • All 4 Shakti Kids Yoga Teacher Training Online Manuals including Written Content and Assignments (included)

  • Online video and slide show library for all courses - 1 year access (included) 

  • Getting Started Teaching Kit (Printed SKY manual, Kids Yoga Story Manual, Breathing ball, Teacher's quick idea reference guide, Shakti Kids Yoga tote bag, and bell - $250 value)

  • 1 year of preschool/elementary curriculum (Ages 3-10) - Shakti Kids Yoga Curriculum Kit with themed yoga sessions, art projects, extension activities on easy to share google slide shows +e-book plan ($197 value)

  • A personalized Teacher Spot on Shakti Kids Yoga Website + Teacher Feature on our blog, newsletter & Social Media ($150 value)

  • One-on-one coaching session with Liz by zoom or in-person ($108 value)

  • Opportunities to write and publish lessons, articles, videos and pictures on Shakti Kids Yoga blog and in our newsletters

  • Membership to Shakti Kids Yoga Team with: lifelong friendships, access to newest information and resources, networking on social media, and group forums with opportunities to connect to other teachers and learn. (priceless)

  • 95-hour Shakti Kids Yoga Certificate of Completion


Investment:  $1597 investment (a $2,800 value, saving over $1200)

Payment Plans and Internships Available

Commonly Asked Questions:

How can I become a certified kids and family yoga teacher?

Glad you asked! Are you already a yoga teacher interested in focusing on kids yoga? Or are you wanting to change your life and career to do something new, fun and amazing, to make a difference in the lives of children everyday? Become a Registered Children's Yoga Instructor! 


Each of our Shakti Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings is an independent 2 - 4 week hybrid training (online self-paced study and live & zoom training sessions) and also can be a part of a 95-hr Yoga Alliance Registered Children's Yoga Teacher Certification (RCYT)


Trainings can be taken independently in any order. All Shakti Kids Yoga trainings can also be used for continuing education units (CEU’s).

To become a 95-hr. Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, follow these easy steps: (RYT200s & RYT500s only)  

  • Attend all 4 Shakti Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings in any order (online portion available for life, scheduled group trainings also recorded and sent out by email if you miss a portion/ 70% must be completed for certification):

      1. Fundamentals of Teaching Kids & Family Yoga (35 hrs)

      2. Welcome to the World: Babies to Preschool + Family (20 hrs)

      3. Mindfulness and Yoga in Schools: Ages 6-17 + Special Needs & Abilities (20 hrs)

      4. Creative Extensions: Storytelling, Music, Art, Acro, Aerial & More (20 hrs)

  • Complete homework assignments, observation and teaching hours required by Shakti Kids Yoga to complete 95 hours of total training (3 hours of observation & 3 hours of practice teaching) plus 4 homework assignments

  • Schedule a 60 minute 1-on-1 coaching session with Liz

  • Receive Certificate & Apply to Yoga Alliance to be an RCYT and get started teaching!

Do I need to be an RCYT to teach yoga in schools or studios? How do I get started right away?

Not necessarily.  Some studios and schools just ask that you have some kids yoga training under your belt.  Take our Fundamentals of Teaching Kids and Family Yoga and get started right away! 

What kind of payment options do you offer? We take payments online if paid in full or we can set up a reoccurring payment. 
Pricing Options:

95 hr. Certification - 

Pay in Full for Online Only Bundle Package - $1597

Pay in Full for Fundamentals Live Training $597 plus $1111 Advanced Training Bundle

Payment Plan Available | Email us at or sign up for a 20 min. Discovery Call to discuss options

Upcoming Austin Hybrid Fundamentals Training:

April 2024 Training Austin (3).png
Commonly Asked Questions


  1. Commitment to Training

    1. Once you enroll in our training program, you embark on an enriching journey towards becoming a certified yoga teacher. SKY will not issue payment refunds. We can offer an exchange for a future program for up to one year. 

  2. Access to Online Training Content 

    1. You will gain access to our comprehensive online training materials for a full year, allowing you the flexibility to learn at your own pace. Trainees have one year access to online training materials. 

  3. Assignment Completion

    1. To ensure your success and fulfillment of the RCYT 95hr certification, we provide thorough guidance and support throughout your training journey. By completing all assignments, practicum hours, and observations, you'll not only enhance your skills but also become a confident and competent yoga teacher. To receive your RCYT 95-hr. certification, you must complete all assignments. 

  4. Payment Plans

    1. We understand the importance of flexibility when it comes to managing your finances. That's why we offer convenient payment plans to suit your needs. Payments must be submitted on each due date. All payments must be completed by the end of the teacher training. 

Shakti Kids Yoga Teacher Training Policies

Meet our team

Meet our Instructors!


Liz Shakti

Creator/Director of Shakti Kids Yoga,

Lead Teacher Trainer, E-RYT-500, RYTT, RCYT

Liz Shakti Wyld

Creator/Director of Shakti Kids Yoga, Lead Teacher Trainer, E-RYT-500, RCYT, RYTT

Liz is a fun-loving, curious yogini and teacher. She loves to meditate, travel the world, read, write, and get creative! Most of all Liz loves embracing life and teaching all people big or little! When she found yoga 20+ years ago, it was the home within that she had always been seeking. She began teaching children yoga in her Montessori classroom and instantly fell in love with helping people find connection to their breath, body, peaceful mind and spirit! Liz strives to empower her students to create their own practice and take away tools to use in everyday life. Also, Liz helps encourage students to intuitively flow into a meditative practice by connecting their movements with breath. Liz began Shakti Kids Yoga in 2019 and teaches Teacher Trainings, Workshops, Classes in Schools & Studios, and Yoga for Special Events in the Denver & Austin areas.

Leo in sukhasana.jpeg

Leonora Willis

Doula, Yoga Teacher, & Guest Instructor for Welcome to the World Module

Leonora began teaching Yoga in 2010 and prenatal Yoga in 2013. She's taught for Barefoot Movement since then, corporate entities, not-for-profit organizations, schools, Yoga studios and for private clients, both in person and virtually. The foundation of all of Leonora's teachings stems from her belief that Yoga is a practice that can be used to help uncover the self while providing balance to one's physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. Leonora is also a trained and practicing birth and postpartum doula and one of three proud owners of Barefoot Movement, a Yoga studio in Oakland, Ca.   


Tylyn Strecker

Acro Yoga Teacher, Guest teacher for Acro portion of Module #4

In 2018, after a weightloss journey that left Tylyn feeling stuck in her mundane exercise routine, she stumbled into an acroyoga class and was captivated instantly! She was met with smiling acro yogi’s who were climbing all over each other and simply moving and playing together. Since then, she’s spent her time traveling to attend a wide variety of acro immersions, festivals, workshops, classes, partner acrobatics training programs and an acro teacher training. She lives and plays in Broomfield, Colorado, and prides herself on always having a new activity she’s learning. Currently, you can find her juggling balls and clubs, and more often you’ll find her picking those items up off the floor to try again with a grin in tow. 

Screenshot 2024-03-03 at 11.41.34 PM.png

Claire Gonzalez

Kids & Family Yoga Teacher, Guest Teacher for Special Needs & Abilities portion of Module #3

Bio coming soon!


Kelsey Mueller

Prenatal, Kids & Family Yoga Teacher, Guest instructor for Prenatal Yoga for Module #2

Bio coming soon!

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