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Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Here is a pretty simple craft idea using balloons! Stress balls are great for kids and adults that need a tactile support (something to fidget with) to help calm their nerves or provide some distraction for an overactive mind. Play Dough Stress ball Materials needed: Two Balloons, Play dough (about 4 oz., homemade or store bought works) How to make it:

  1. Cut ring ends off of balloons and stretch

  2. Roll play dough into a snake

  3. Push play dough snake into one of the balloons

  4. Stretch second balloon over play dough filled balloon and tie closed

Flour or Sand Filled Stress Ball

Materials needed: Two Balloons, Flour or Sand, Funnel (or plastic bottle top fashioned into funnel)

How to make it:

  1. Cut ring end off of first balloon (leave a bit of a neck to stretch over the funnel)

  2. Stretch balloon over end of funnel

  3. Put the flour into one of the balloons using funnel (or use a cut off plastic bottle top in lieu of a funnel)

  4. Tie flour- or sand-filled balloon closed

  5. Cut top off of second balloon

  6. Stretch second balloon around flour- or sand-filled balloon and tie closed

Make into emotion squeezies Add an element of emotional awareness to this craft! Draw an emotion face onto your completed stress ball with a sharpie. (I made a mad one!) Feeling extra crafty? Add some extras: yarn or ribbon for crazy hair (keeping the tied off part of the outside balloon might help with attaching hair) or use very strong glue to attach some googly eyes NOTE: These ideas are all over Pinterest and the internet. The directions for these stress balls are based on those shared by on their blog.

Written by: Natalia Stark

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