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Take the Yoga Outside

Updated: Jun 6

Need a fun idea for summer? Let’s do Shakti Kid Yoga outside!

Simple and free- why not do yoga in the yard?! The earlier in age we introduce all types of activities outside to our families, the better. 

Check the Weather: Pick a day and time with mild temperatures.

Search for a Location: Look for a comfortable, flat spot around your home or in your own yard that inspires you and allows you to connect with your body and the environment around where you can practice with young yogis without any obstruction, such as an ant hill.

Prepare: Gather a few items such as bug spray, yoga mats or large towels, a bell or small instrument, drinking water, and a snack for each child. Plan to practice for 30 to 40 minutes.

Try this Shakti Kid Yoga theme and sequence: 

Include “flower breathes” and guide them in relaxation. Ask them to pretend they are in a jungle. Demonstrate downward dog, tree pose, monkey pose and butterfly pose.

Allow children to express themselves freely and repeat the poses. Encourage them to use their imagination or creativity by exploring variations of the poses that feel comfortable and enjoyable for them and asking them during relaxation time to “listen for the sounds in the jungle.” 

If you wish, incorporate a bell or sing the song like Fly like a Butterfly. 

Afterwards, the group can eat snacks and hydrate. Ask your young yogis what they loved about their yoga outside and have them show you. Perhaps, discuss a tentative time to do it all again! 

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