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Travel Yoga

Have plans for travel soon?

Whether getting to your destination on a plane, train, or automobile, we here at Shakti Kids Yoga are cheering you on on those long stretches of travel by offering a four tips for unwinding. With a bit of kid yoga, everyone traveling in your group can feel better. If bystanders take an interest, smile and invite them to join for a pose!

  1. Plan Breaks: Where can a couple of poses fit in your agenda? Perhaps on a layover? Let your young ones know that during the trip there will be short breaks with movement.

  2. Location: Rest areas, parks, the corner of an airport, or even in the car.

  3. What to do: - Slow neck rolls as a warm-up. - Breathe like a Balloon by bringing one hand to the belly to feel the diaphragm while imagining the stomach as a balloon inflating and deflating evenly.  -Palm Tree by standing tall, lift one foot and place it on the opposite thigh or calf, and bring your palms together over your head. --Chair Pose with feet parallel to the ground, breathe out and bend the knees moving the hips back as if sitting down on a chair. Breathe in ad you raise your arms straight up and back near the ears. Keep the shoulders down and raise the chest/heart up.- -Airplane Pose by standing with arms stretched out to the sides and balance on one leg, pretending to be an airplane flying through the sky.

  4. Suggested Rhyme/Song to keep moving

Oh My Aunt Came Back (search a video on the Web)

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