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Pose Of The Week

Updated: Jun 4

In keeping with this months Ocean theme, our pose of the week is Double Boat Pose Sit up tall facing your pose partner. Bend your knees and touch your feet toe to toe. Hold hands with your partner and press one of your feet to your partner’s foot on the same side. Slowly raise feet and legs on that side, trying to stay balanced, and then repeat on the second side. Take a deep breath in and pull your belly in towards your spine to activate your core muscles and then slowly breathe out. Try to hold the pose for a certain number of breaths. Three is a good start! Experiment with straightening and bending while maintaining your shared balance. Check in with your partner when you are ready to come out of the pose (and listen to them in case they are ready first). When you’re ready, slowly lower your legs back down and release hands.

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