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November Theme - Gratitude

This month's theme at Shakti Kids Yoga is gratitude. With Thanksgiving approaching, this is an opportune moment to shift our focus to those things we are most grateful for in this rapidly changing world.

We are grateful for our friends and families, for our continued health and safety, and for the privilege to share the healing path of yoga and mindfulness with all of you. Thank you!

Beginning a gratitude practice can improve our mental health and reduce stress, and improve our ability to navigate and accept change. One easy way to integrate this practice into our lives is to keep a simple gratitude journal. A few times a week, sit and think for 3-5 minutes about the things that happened throughout that day and the 1-2 days before. Write down three things you are grateful for from those days. This simple practice of reflection can be so effective and healing. When we shift our focus to gratitude, we can truly change our outlook. Try this practice out this month and see how it makes you feel!

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