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KTT Teacher Trainee Testimonial

"I've attended Shakti Kids Yoga as a nanny with my nanny kids. I felt so inspired to become a yoga instructor for kids from that one session, that I went through Shakti Kids Yoga for my training.

Shakti Kids Yoga is inclusive, open-hearted and goal driven. I noticed off the bat that Liz was so well centered at the beginning of class, that it calmed me and the kids down, as I was nervous myself.

We played games, we ran around, we sang songs and danced as Liz told beautiful yoga stories.

If you're kids like to do all of these things, I would highly recommend trying to find a way to get your kids in Shakti Kids Yoga! "

Kelsey Dyas, Summer Training 2022

If you or anyone you know is interested in future teacher trainings please contact us at

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