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Ocean Yoga Coloring Book

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Summer is here and we wanted to celebrate by sharing some ocean-inspired yoga poses with you! Try out these eight energizing poses with your kids and then let them relax by coloring.

Download our Ocean Yoga Coloring Book today! (PDF at bottom of page)

Each page features a different pose: a drawing of the object or creature on which the pose is based, a drawing of a kid doing a version of the pose, the English and Sanskrit names for the pose, and a short description of how to do the pose. Just print the attached PDF and fold the three sheets in half to make your coloring book! Staple in the middle or stretch a rubber band around the fold to hold the pages together.

Included in this coloring book are:

Seal (Salabhasana) - Lie on your belly, then lift your head, hands and feet. If it feels good, reach fingers behind or in front of you.

Boat (Navasana) - Sit up tall with your feet flat on the ground in front of you. Next, place your hands behind your knees, lift heart, and lift feet off the ground.

Crab (Arda Purvottanasana) - Sit down and bend your knees. With feet flat on the floor, reach behind you while pressing your hands to the ground, fingers facing hips or away. Lift your hips up and to be a crab, walk forward and back, side to side.

Dolphin (Makarasana) - Start in rock pose, then interlace your fingers and make a triangle shape with elbows under shoulders. Curl your toes under, then lift your hips and bring your head off the ground between your arms. Begin to walk your feet in slowly toward your face, and lift your hips higher.

Fish (Matsyasana) - From sitting, stretch your legs out straight. Slowly lean back on your elbows and lift your heart. If you can, try to place the top of your head on the ground.

Wave (Halasana) - Lay on your back and bring your feet over your head. If you can, press your hands into ground and see if you can touch your toes to the ground behind you.

Flamingo (Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana) - Stand up tall and stretch your arms out. Lift your knee and point your toe, tucking your foot under your body. If you can, try reaching your arms up and dive down to "eat a fish".

Turtle (Kurmasana) - From easy pose, stretch out your legs, bend your knees and plant feet wide apart. Bring your hands to center and slide them under your knees, folding forward. Begin to straighten out your legs while bringing your chest down towards the ground and reach your hands back behind your hips.

Ocean Yoga Coloring SKY
Download PDF • 8.77MB

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