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Discovering Kids Yoga

Updated: 2 days ago

By: Ana, SKY's new intern!

Hi, I’m Ana. Allow me to share a recent experience of mine that is adding zest to my teaching career! Through working with teens and pre-teens for fifteen years in public ed, I’ve realized the greatest gift we can give the next generation is quality time. So when I recently saw an online ad for Shakti Kids Yoga on my screen, I was drawn to the idea that movement and joy were being offered in a communal setting to youth of all ages and backgrounds. 

Shakti’s Teacher Training ignited my creativity in one weekend with a varied amount of ideas presented and based on the traditions of yoga. I felt welcomed by Liz, challenged by the planning of a meaningful session, and empowered to teach a public class to which I invited neighbors, former students of mine, and families looking for a space catered for connection. I am currently completing my courses online and know that I now have other SKY instructors to lean on and learn from. I’ve started sharing my training this month, and will continue creating quality time doing kids yoga with the youth in my family and school community.   

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