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Bendy Friends - Poseable Pipe Cleaner Yogi

This is a simple, fun, and cheap craft to do with kids! For toddlers, you may want to make the bendy friend and let them experiment with posing it. Slightly older kids will likely be able to follow along with you to create the bendy friends and then pose them.


Two pipe cleaners (per bendy friend)

Tape or staples (to help keep stable when bending into poses)

Paper plate, thick paper, or index cards (to use as a base and write about pose, if desired)

1. Bend one pipe cleaner in half to make two legs.

2. Leave a small loop at the top (you will use this small loop to attach the other pipe cleaner, which will be the head and arms). Twist pipe cleaner sides together from the top about 1 ½-2 inches to make your bendy friend’s torso.

3. Loop another pipe cleaner through the very top of your torso loop, making a circle or oval for the head and using the remaining pipe cleaner for the arms. Make small loops for the hands and small bends or loops for the feet.

4. Bend your poseable friend into whatever yoga poses you would like! (Note: This step may be easier if you put legs and feet into the desired position and then use tape to secure onto surface before bending arms and torso.)

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