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August Pose(s) of the Month - Trio of Partner Poses for Family Yoga

For the month of August, our theme is family. During the past few months, many of us have been spending a little bit of extra time with family, especially if we have young children at home. This month we will focus on sharing tips for incorporating mindfulness, yoga, and creativity into your routines at home with your family (or family-like group)!

Instead of choosing just one pose for this month, we decided to share a trio of partner poses with you to help integrate yoga into some of that time spent with your family!

Mermaid on a Rock/Lizard on a Rock

First person (rock) comes to child's pose. Second person (lizard/mermaid) sits on the base's tailbone, facing the opposite direction and slowly leans back into “sunbathing” pose. Partners can switch if desired and possible (in family yoga, parents will almost always be the rock and small children will almost always be the lizard/mermaid sunbathing).

Double Downward Dog

Partner 1 gets into a downward dog pose. Partner 2 then gets into downward dog facing in the same direction as Partner 1 (both facing forward). Partner 2 places their hands in front of Partner 1’s, and works to lift up their legs slowly and place their feet against the lower back of Partner 1. (This pose can be achieved by stepping your feet onto your partner’s back from the side, or by starting from down dog, a short distance in front of your partner and placing your feet onto your partner’s lower back and then walking your hands in while straightening your legs to create the double down dog shape.)


First person is seated with hands behind the back, feet in front, knees bent in preparation to go into reverse tabletop or crab pose. Second person straddles the first person and climbs on top of them, feet on their knees, hands on their shoulders. Simultaneously, the partners lift up together into full crab position to create bunkbeds.

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