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Kids & Family Yoga Teacher Trainings!
Sign up today for our  95 hr. Yoga Alliance approved certification program which includes: 
Online Self-Study & Live Teacher Trainings

95 hr. Yoga Alliance Approved 
Certification Program includes:
35-hr/4-week fundamental course +
(3) 20 hr./2-week advanced courses. 

Start teaching right away!
  • Are you looking for creative ways to do yoga, mindfulness and meditation at home or in the classroom with your kids? 
  • Are you ready to give children tools they can use for a lifetime?
  • Are you wanting more connection and fulfillment in your own life and in lives of others?
  • Do you want to help bring families closer together through yoga, mindfulness, creativity and meditation?

Learn to teach children's yoga using creativity, mindfulness, connection, storytelling, music, nature, acro yoga, art and movement!


Shakti Kids Yoga offers online and live courses to help you become a confident and creative children's yoga teacher! Our trainings focus on:

  • incorporating mindfulness into movement and activities

  • writing yoga stories that children LOVE

  • meditative fun art projects

  • integrating songs and chants

  • yoga and mindfulness games

  • meditation and relaxation

  • creating a container for conscious community

  • empowering and collaborating with children

  • holding space for a powerful uplifting fun experience

  • connecting children with their peers though partner and group poses and activities

  • helping children unite with their parents through family yoga

  • child development, knowing appropriate actions for each age

  • incorporating nature, learning lessons, themes and more

  • how to design and implement flexible class plans

  • business of kids and family yoga, knowing what works and what doesn't

  • stepping into your authentic teaching voice with direct personal assistance and feedback

  • guidance with universal laws, moving past limiting beliefs and obstacles, how to create a heartfelt connected spiritual business & MORE











How does Yoga help children?

Yoga can…

  • decrease stress and anxiety in children

  • balance brain chemistry and increase children’s focus and concentration

  • help children gain physical, mental, emotional and spacial awareness of themselves and others

  • help teach children about how to use their breath, to quiet the mind and to use their energy more effectively.

  • increase confidence and positive self-image

  • help kids engage in a non-competitive, fun, challenging physical activity that be shared with the whole family

  • helps children practice creativity, self-expression and self-regulation

  • develop body awareness and reinforce self-love

  • help children learn tools and techniques to use throughout their lives to maintain health, strength, flexibility, balance, breath awareness and inner peace

Upcoming Schedule of Trainings:


95 hr. Kids & Family Yoga & Creativity Teacher Training -

Hybrid Certification Program | Online Self-Study & Live Group Teaching

Fundamentals (35 hrs.) & Advanced Courses (20 hrs. each) -

approximately 10 weeks long/average 8 hrs. per week.


95 hr. course contains 16 hours live in-studio instruction plus 12 hrs. live Zoom instruction, with remaining hours as an online self-paced course which includes videos, slide shows, audio recordings, course manual and assignments. See live training locations and dates below.





Each live Training module ends in an in-person/zoom Free Family Yoga class taught by the teacher trainees at 3:30-4:30 pm MST on that Sunday. 75% attendance of training, plus completion of all assignments is mandatory for certification. Students have 1 year to access self-paced online portion.

Includes the Following Courses: (Click to see details)

Live Fundamentals Training Locations, Dates and Times

  • Denver, Colorado - Friday October 13th,1-4 pm, Saturday October 14th,12:30-7:30pm  & Sunday October 15th 12:30-6:30pm | Better Buzz Yoga, 2714 W 44th Ave, Denver, CO 80211

  • Austin, Texas - Sat. & Sun. Time, Dates & Location TBA



Elizabeth Jameson, RCYT

Elizabeth Jameson, RCYT

"Liz was an incredible teacher and mentor, she helped lay a strong foundation that has served me throughout my teaching career. She is very knowledgeable and her wealth of experience and passion for the work resonates through everything she presents.  Through her training I learned many techniques that I still use in my classes years later, I would not be the children's yoga teacher I am today without these fundamentals."

Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 1.37.21 AM.png

Sohan Kaur, RCYT

"I was amazed at how much I had learned in that course. There were so many ideas that Liz shared during that training that I have this huge amount of resources in my head. It gave me a lot more confidence working with kids and I can tell you as a parent how much it’s helped me out...The approach that Liz has, it helps bring kids to peace and calm. It’s really opened up my eyes and I’ve learned a lot about my daughter and how we can work together when we are home a lot. I really would recommend the course because it’s so informative and if anything it just opens up the door to learn more about the kids as well as teach them."


Karma Smart,

Dance & Movement Instructor for Fitness in Transit

"Liz has a great ability to focus children with her teaching style of patience and gentleness.  Teaching with her I saw how much care she put into her teaching.  Her kind heart and joyful nature made it wonderful to work with her."

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Please feel free to contact us by email or schedule a free 20 minute zoom discovery call with Liz.

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